New year, same plan

It’s January. How did that happen?! The last year seems to have flown by. I suddenly feel like I’m getting old… :/

Anyway. Unlike lots of previous Januarys this year did not include the traditional lament on the first weekend of January that ‘From Monday’ things were going to be different. It didn’t include the binge eating of all the chocolate and biscuits leftover from Christmas because, well, ‘diet’. It didn’t include the fruitless commitment to salads.

No. This year my resolution was very simple. To continue my journey on the path I am on.

Sounds simple, right? Well… that’s kinda because it is.

As I’ve said before, I know I go on about Slimming World, but that’s because it’s such a big part of my life now. And it’s not just about the food I’m eating either. It’s about the people, the support, the Facebook group, the new recipes, and my Wednesday night groups which are filled with love and laughter.

Of course it’s about the food too. The fat that I can still eat Danish Butter Cookies and marzipan fruits (both particular weaknesses) and still be completely ‘on plan’ with my weight loss makes me very, very happy.

But what makes me happiest is that I didn’t need to make a new year’s resolution about weight loss this year, because I still have one in progress from last year. And having seen how it’s working so far (3.5st in 9 months) I have no reason nor desire to change it!

This year is likely to have challenges in other aspects of my life, and like every year there are certain things I’d love to achieve – sorting out our house woes for one. But it was so nice to think that my weight issues were not something I had to pay very much attention to this year.

However long it takes to get to my goal, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far, and I’m happy to continue to rely on the plan that got me here.

Let’s see what can be achieved in another 12 months shall we?


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