A brilliant week

OK so this isn’t so much of a rant as a boast. But sometimes it’s nice to share the happy, positive, chirpy stuff with you all too.

This week has been awesome.

  1. The week started with a lovely family dinner at the in-laws on Sunday. I am so blessed to be part of not one, but two, awesome families šŸ™‚
  2. I lost a massive 6.5lb this week with my local Slimming World group – my biggest loss so far! As for the how (for other members who want to follow suit) all I can say is a truckload of fruit and very well managed Syns!
  3. I received three emails from different colleagues this week telling me how great I am and how much they appreciate my work (which were copied to my boss, who then sent them on to our director telling him I’m a star!)
  4. We got new medication for my cat, Scamper, to which she seems to be responding well. This might not sound like great news, but it is, as only a few weeks ago I thought I would be saying goodbye to her after she had a stroke. So pleased she’s decided to stick around for a while longer and be my ‘old lady cat’.
  5. I’ve had lovely out-of-the-blue messages from friends this week that I haven’t seen in a while, and also spent last night doing the pub quiz with the girls from my St Thomas Crookes church cluster group!

Plus tomorrow I’m off to see a friend for lunch and then a personal shopper to help me buy clothes for my new shape and slimmer body – I am beyond excited!

Last year was pretty tough. It started with news of family illness, and then progressed through a family bereavement, my own illness and hospital stay, a change in job and numerous problems with our house.

It finally feels like we’ve turned a corner, and though life is not without it’s challenges (the house is still an issue), I am feeling very thankful today.

Remember to acknowledge the good days folks! They’re what keeps you going when the going gets tough.


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