Before and During

So, everyone does ‘before and after’ shots right?

Well, I’m not at ‘after’ yet. But I’m still pretty proud of myself and I wanted to share how far I’ve come with you all. For those of you who might be considering Slimming World, but haven’t yet taken the plunge. This is my way of saying DO IT!!

Just 3lb away from my 4st award, I took myself off to Meadowhall yesterday with my Christmas present vouchers, and went to see a personal shopper at Debenhams.

The first couple of things I tried on were a bit of a let down unfortunately. Whilst I’ve lost a lot of weight, I am, after all, still plus-size. I’m in that awkward phase where Evans things look too big on me (even in the right size), but I’m not quite small enough (yet) for most high street stores. I’m also still losing and trying to tone up what’s left.

My upper arms in particular were causing problems. I wanted things with sleeves but all these in-fashion chiffon blouses were busting at the seams with my bingo wings!

However, thankfully it did get a lot better as the process went on and I walked away with several outfits to kick-start my new wardrobe.

So this isn’t really a recipe or a rant. It’s basically me just showing off. (Sorry about that).

But before I show you all my lovely new things, I wanted to put this in context for all those who haven’t seen my journey so far and perhaps have only just joined the blog.

So this was me in May 2013:

DSC_6476 (2)

I weighed over 21st and my weight was already affecting my health. But I was about to get married (this photo is from our engagement shoot) and generally happy with life. I had never even thought about trying Slimming World at this point.

Then this is me in August 2014.

before wedding (2)

Ok so it’s a rather unflattering shot anyway. But at this point I was almost 22st and my health was really suffering. I was in hospital three times within 12 months with various problems, including severe asthma, and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Plus my knees were killing me.

In March 2015 I finally joined Slimming World thanks to the wonderful Kate Harrison.

This is me early in my journey in August 2015 – I had lost 1st 12.5lb when my amazing group voted me ‘Woman of the Year’ 🙂

Woman of the Year 2015 (2)

Just 3 months later I had lost 3st 3lb and scooped another group award for ‘Miss Slinky’.

Miss Slinky 1

Just before Christmas I picked up my 3.5st award 🙂 This was me at my friend’s wedding the weekend before (also after I had my hair chopped).

IMG_3719 (2)

So, finally to January 2016 and my new wardrobe. I hope you like it!





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  1. downmyfront says:

    You look great. Well done


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