Eggs and Frozen Veg

So at the end of November last year I started a new job…

And I love it.

But even when you love your job you still have ‘those days’ or sometimes even ‘those weeks’.

This week was one of those weeks.

I am utterly exhausted having been working lots of overtime and staring at a spreadsheet for hours on end, trying to sort out data for a campaign mailing.

On the way home this evening I was feeling very tired and hungry, and desperately craving a takeaway. It didn’t help that I knew it was the end of the week pre-shopping delivery and there was very little food in the house. Particularly in the way of speed food (fruit n veg for anyone not a member of Slimming World).

But, having already had a ‘Friday treat’ lunch from KFC (pulled chicken rice box, small popcorn chicken and corn on the cob – 9 Syns) I knew it would put me over my Syns for the day. I’ve already had one day this week where I gave into temptation and had a very unhealthy burger and fries and drank rum, so it really didn’t seem like a good plan, no matter how tired I was.

All I can say is thank goodness for eggs and frozen veg. With these two things, meals can and will be made.

For example:

  • omelette
  • ‘spring roll’ (thin omelette wrap stuffed with stir fried veg, soy sauce etc.)
  • runny poached eggs on spicy veg
  • veggie pasta (providing you have pasta in the cupboard of course)
  • stir fry

I went for the last of these options, utilising some dried noodles I had in the cupboard, some leftover ham, a couple of bacon medallions and the last few (just going slightly slimy) mushrooms from the fridge. Combined of course with my eggs and frozen veg (in this case a bag of stir fry veg).

With a splash of soy sauce, a tbsp of hoisin (2 Syns) and a sprinkling of Chinese 5 spice, garlic granules and chilli flakes, it actually tasted pretty good. And it only took about 10 minutes. AND I have enough left for lunch tomorrow.

OK so it probably wasn’t quite 1/3 speed food. But it was certainly a lot better than the alternative!

Problem solved. Syns within acceptable limits. Work done for the week.

I’d call that a success.


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