Weekly Shop Woes

Nobody really seems to talk about the down sides of Slimming World.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Slimming World, as I’m pretty sure readers and followers of my blog will have worked out by now. But that isn’t to say that there aren’t some days that it drives me crazy.

There are some days when you NEED chocolate. End of. ESPECIALLY as a woman.

Trust me there is nothing ‘starry’ about ‘star week’. The endless hell of mood swings and cramps is enough to do anyone’s head in. But the torment massively increases when you can’t just eat your way through it, which, prior to joining Slimming World was definitely my preferred strategy :/

The challenge of someone else in the house who is not doing Slimming World is also something that will occasionally drive me to despair. Don’t get me wrong, hubbie is incredibly supportive. But that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes want to scream and throw things at him when all I can see and smell is buttery crumpets.

As someone without children, I am however currently spared what sounds like one of the most torturous challenges.

I will often hear my Slimming World mummy friends talk about the pain that is their child leaving food on the plate that isn’t Slimming World friendly. The auto-pilot response that is eating a child’s leftovers is often a daily temptation. “Why did they have to leave that bread and butter/ those chips/that half eaten biscuit there? It’s too hard to resist!” Either that or they confess in group on a Wednesday that they had already eaten it before they even remembered they’re doing Slimming World.

But my biggest challenge of the week is usually on a Sunday when my Sainsbury’s shopping delivery arrives.

It is a sad day when I have to confess that the Sainsbury’s delivery man now has the power to bring me to tears 😦

Swapping my preferred fruit pots for melon (which I can’t eat due to IBS) is a common occurence, meaning I have to send them back, often leaving me without enough speed food to last the week. Or bringing full-fat and sugar versions of my fizzy drinks when the diet version I ordered is out of stock. Or like today, when they swapped my wholemeal rolls for half and half ones, I nearly blew up in the poor man’s face.

I mean, God forbid I should actually have to go into a shop?!

I would love for there to be some kind of ‘rule setting’ option for substitutions. At the moment it’s a simple yes or no, and that simply doesn’t do it for me. I don’t mind if they substitute things… so long as they substitute it for something I can actually eat.

ANY other wholemeal rolls would have been acceptable – I really don’t care about the brand. But half and half just makes me want to cry. They are not a Healthy Extra B option and therefore entirely unsuitable for the cheese on toast (using both Healthy Extras of course) I was going to have later…

Oh, and they must swap it for something that is equivalent in either amount or value! One of my pet hates is when Sainsbury’s deliver a single can of beans instead of the 4-pack I ordered. I mean, how hard is it to pick up four individual cans instead?!

That’s not to mention all the times when even the things that would have annoyed me pre-Slimming World occur. Like charging me for things they have forgotten to deliver, or not putting my substitutions in blue bags, so again the poor delivery man must wait out in the cold whilst I find the thing I need to return because it’s unsuitable.

Yes, my weekly shopping woes will often find me grumbling on a Sunday night, even more so since joining Slimming World.

But let’s face it, I may as well have called this post #firstworldproblems and been done with it.


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