Adventures in colour

So today I’m not actually going to talk about food. I know! Weird, right?

But I wanted to share another passion/hobby with you all – grown up colouring!

Some people may think it’s a little bit sad or silly, but I find it so relaxing. And it’s a great thing to do when you’re feeling rough and haven’t quite got the energy or concentration levels required for reading a book or watching TV.

I got into it thanks to my mother-in-law, who kindly bought me a couple of books and some pens whilst I was in hospital last year (along with a very cool pencil case). It was due to be a very quick procedure to have my gall bladder removed, but thanks to various post-op infections and adverse reactions to medications, I ended up in hospital for two and a half weeks followed a further month off on the sofa recovering. It wasn’t fun.

So I spent days on end colouring. It really helped to keep my brain and hands working when I really couldn’t do very much!

Since then I’ve added to my collection through my own purchases and various Christmas presents from family and friends. So when I was feeling poorly again this week, out came the colouring pens.

Depending on the picture, I will generally try to be as realistic as possible in my choice of colours, even to the point of Googling images to get the colouring right, for example on my swallow and owl pictures. So this week there was much debate on Facebook when I posted a photo of a flower from my colouring book to try and identify what it was. The answers ranged from Crysanthenum to Dahlia to Echinacea. At the end of the day, looking at images of all three gave me enough inspiration to choose some colours, and accurate or not, I guess that was the point!

So here you go, some extracts from my adventures in colouring. I’m sure there’ll be lots more to share in future. I hope you like them.




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  1. leverton86 says:

    Very tempted to give this a try myself. Totally not me, but a couple of friends do it and find it so good for relieving stress and anxiety and increasing mindfulness. You may have just tempted me!


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