Big picture

Hurrah! I have officially un-paused (if there is such a word).

Despite actually having a gain this week (I couldn’t resist the hot cross buns :/ ) I’m slowly getting back on track. Not just with Slimming World, but with life in general I guess.

The last few weeks have been pretty tough. I ended up in hospital AGAIN, which sucked. And despite that my current health issues still haven’t been ‘fixed’ so to speak. Which is even more frustrating. I’m still on copious amounts of painkillers whilst I wait for yet another outpatients appointment. And to be honest I am thoroughly sick of being sick! Or rather totally fed up with being in pain and feeling ‘fobbed off’ by the NHS 😦

It’s even more frustrating when I think that I started losing weight deliberately to try and improve my health, yet this was my third hospital stay in the last year!

So on top of ongoing house issues and financial struggles, I really did need a bit of ‘pause’ time where I wasn’t worrying too much about what I was eating on top of everything else I was already worrying about.

However, this week it’s exactly one year since I joined Slimming World, and it’s very satisfying to look back and reflect on what I’ve achieved.

If you had told me then that I would be more than 4st lighter and 6 sizes smaller in just 12 months I would never have believed you. In fact, I probably would have laughed in your face!

But today I bought my first Spring/Summer outfit of 2016 (pictured) and it’s a size 18! (I started Slimming World as a size 30-32). And not even an Evans size 18, but a Marks & Spencer size 18 (which we all know is even smaller right?!).

So despite my little gain this week and my other worries, today I am smiling. And today I am determined to get back on track.

If I can lose even half that amount again over the next 12 months I will be very happy indeed.

In the end it’s the big picture that counts, and not only am I proud of my achievements over the last year, but I’m also amazingly blessed in various other aspects of my life. I have an amazing husband, wonderful friends, a loving family and a great job. Life has definitely been worse.

So if you’re struggling too, take a moment to reflect on the big picture. And never fail to be proud of yourself no matter how big or small your achievements. It helps.


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