Bloody star week

Feeling thoroughly down-hearted today. Gained 0.5lb this week, despite having a good week on plan.

But it’s bloody ‘star’ week* (pun intended).

So not only am I still struggling with ill health, insomnia and practically rattling from the amount of drugs I’m on whilst I wait for my outpatients appointments, now i’m bloated and moody as hell too. 😦

Sorry to sound so negative, but seriously, this is so frustrating! Have really struggled to get back on track and have a good loss lately. Think I’m just feeling a bit sorry for myself. And even though I can see how much I’ve achieved over the last year, it’s still annoying to think of how far I still have to go and that I’ve made no progress in the last few weeks.

How do you all motivate yourselves after a bad result?

Sometimes it’s so tempting to go into ‘sod it’ mode. But I know that won’t help. And I am so desperate to get back the momentum I had last year.

BUT… it did lead me to look back and track my ‘star’ weeks and there is definitely a pattern with all but 2 of them over the last year being weeks where I have gained (anything from 0.5-2lb). So at least I feel slightly comforted that this is a usual pattern and that hopefully I will have a decent loss next week!

Would love to hear how you cope with disappointing weeks and how you get back on track. I’m hoping a few of my favourite Slimming World meals this week will give me back my mojo!

Have a great week folks xx


*For those people who don’t know this reference, she also goes by aunt flo  😉



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