Firm favourites

In addition to being heavily pregnant, and therefore generally tired and distracted, part of the reason my posts have become less frequent lately is because I suppose we now have a bit of a ‘standard’ list of meals we tend to draw from. Many of these are already on this blog (such as Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms and Primula Pasta), but as you may also have read, I’m not a fan of just plagiarising Slimming World recipes and sticking them on my blog if I haven’t changed them at all from what is featured on the Slimming World website, or in their cookbooks or magazine.

As sad as it is, as a marketer I guess I understand that Slimming World is still a business, and needs to make money from people signing up to membership and buying their books etc. Plus there’s that whole copyright thing of course…

That being said, if you’re already a member of Slimming World you will have access to a lot of these recipes, either online or by buying some of their cookbooks.

Whether you’re a member or not, I highly recommend buying the Slimming World magazine. It’s always packed full of fab recipes and inspirational success stories. So if you want to give Slimming World a try before investing in membership, or just want some healthy recipes to add to your normal repertoire, it’s well worth a punt in my opinion.

So without further ado, here’s a few of our favourite recipes:

  1. Nacho-Style Feast – As my wonderful hubbie repeats everytime we make this – it’s not nachos. But it is supremely tasty. Think chilli and cheese topped wedges. Easy to vary (I usually add a tin of black beans, plus extra mushrooms and peppers) and great to dish up for friends. Thanks to a ‘sponsored’ ingredient, the recipe for this one is also available to non-members of Slimming World on the Primula website.
  2. Doner kebab – being the strange kind of people who actually like kebabs even when not heavily intoxicated, this recipe was a must try. And it didn’t disappoint. Although (obviously) drier than the real thing due to the absence of huge quantities of fat, it’s very tasty. As with most things, again I vary it slightly by being a bit heavier with the spicing (approx 4x the suggested amounts!) and by adding pickled red cabbage to the salad (so it reminds me more of the real thing). Fantastic served with a Kingsmill Wholemeal Sandwich Thin as your Healthy Extra B, in place of the usual pitta bread. You can even make a tasty garlic yogurt sauce for it by mixing 0% fat Greek Yogurt (we use the Fage Total 0% Fat Greek Yogurt) with a crushed garlic clove and the juice of half a lemon. The only downside to this recipe is the prep and marinade time meaning you have to start making it the day before… (It’s also featured in the Slimming World ‘Fakeaways’ cookbook, p20).
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala – I have to give all the credit to my amazing husband on this one, since he was the one who insisted on buying the new Slimming World ‘Curry Club’ cookbook when it came out and on trying this recipe. Of course, this slightly backfired in the sense that he’s now regularly asked to make it for us 😀 Again, it takes some pre-preparation the night before, but its definitely the best Slimming World curry recipe we’ve tried. Warning: there are several Slimming World Chicken Tikka Masala recipes out there, including at least three different variations on the website – but none of them are this one! So if you want it, you’ll have to invest in the cookbook (or ask a nice Slimming World member to buy it for you).
  4. Wiener Schnitzel – featured in the May/June 2016 issue of the Slimming World magazine, it’s sad that this recipe hasn’t made it onto the online database, as, of course, unless you bought that particular issue, you can’t get hold of it 😦 However, since the magazine version uses pork and we regularly make it with chicken (and extra breadcrumbs), maybe this is one I’ll add to the blog soon 😉 Breaded chicken is one of those things I often miss, as I used to eat it quite often pre-Slimming World, so this is a great recipe for making a Slimming World friendly version. Plus it’s perfect for SP days when you have an additional Healthy Extra B to spare.
  5. Butternut Mac ‘n’ Cheese – featured in the Nov/Dec 2016 issue of the Slimming World magazine, again, sadly this one hasn’t made it online yet. We made it a lot during the winter as it’s incredibly filling and makes 8 portions, so was great for bulk cooking and then taking portions to work for a tasty lunch throughout the week.

Other favourites include Slimming World friendly versions of common recipes, such as chilli con carne and spagetti bolognese. Whilst there are plenty of Slimming World versions of these recipes on the online database, my own versions are usually based on recipes from my mum or Delia with a few simple changes, such as using Frylight instead of olive oil and 5% beef mince, to make them Slimming World friendly.

Last but not least, our typical ‘neither of us can be arsed to cook’ fallback plan is what we commonly call ‘breakfast for dinner’. Again, easy to make Slimming World friendly by buying Slimming World sausages from Iceland (the Italian style beef and pork ones are our favourite), bacon medallions and using Frylight to fry eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. We’ll also use a few cheeky Syns on frozen hash browns if we need filling up 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment, featuring our latest ‘go-to’ recipe and where we stole it from…


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