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So you guys probably already know that i’m pretty poor at posting regularly at the best of times. But with the due date for our first child fast approaching, it seems appropriate to make sure that I point you in the direction of some more recipes, tips and recommended reading to keep you inspired when my posts become even less frequent!

So here are some other Slimming World blogs you might like. They are all pretty different but all either inspire me (with recipes or with life) and/or make me laugh. I hope you like them too.

  1. Pinch of Nom – stealing the top spot from the boys is the lovely Kate (and friends). This is mainly because she’s responsible for the latest recipe to make our household top 10 list – the hash brown pizza. It’s amazing, and went down especially well at our last taster session. One of my own most popular blog posts ever was the Pzomlet recipe – basically an omelette pizza. But I have to confess that this is even better! (And I totally have to give the credit to my wonderful husband for finding the recipe and insisting we try it). Overall Pinch of Nom is a veritable treasure trove of Slimming World friendly recipes. They also list meal plans and shopping tips, and, like me, are cautious to advise everyone to double check Syn values. Not all the recipes I’ve tried have been successful in our household, but certainly no more or less so than the Slimming World website itself!
  2. Two Chubby Cubs – coming it at a very close second are the wonderful James and Paul. I love their blog not only for the many Slimming World friendly recipes that are definitely on the more indulgent side, but because it genuinely makes me laugh out loud. Although not my favourite recipe on the blog, this is one of my favourite ever posts from James, that literally had me crying with laughter. I especially love the dilema over what to call Paul and his hatred of extra ‘s’s (of which I must confess I am eternally guilty). Another treasure trove of recipes, the cubs are specialists in fakeaways and recipes that don’t look or taste ‘slimming’, despite low Syns. Check out the Sloppy Joe Tater Tots and Beast Burger for some prime examples. One thing is for sure, you won’t go hungry!
  3. Life according to Mrs Shilts – although not strictly a Slimming World blog the lovely Emma is a fellow Slimming World member and there are a number of recipes and meal plans on her blog, together with reviews of the various Slimming World recipe books. These are interspersed with all sorts of other articles about life, travel and being a mummy. I connected with Emma over our similar fertility struggles and she was a fabulous encouragement to me not to give up; reassuring me that weight loss could definitely help us conceive and sharing her story with me. Well, as I’m now only a few weeks from meeting our own little one, it’s only fair I recommend her blog to others for similar inspiration and kindness. Although there are nice recipes on Emma’s blog (such as this yummy chicken and bacon risotto) I recommend it mainly for reminding you what’s important in life and encouraging you along the way – this post about how to stay on track with Slimming World being one of my favourites.
  4. Slimming World Survival – this is a fantastic blog for new members especially, packed with shopping lists and survival tips alongside recipes and the best offers in supermarkets each week. Check out the new meal combos section as well for tips on what to buy in supermarkets if you can’t be bothered to cook! A word of caution though that some recipes on this blog do include ‘tweaks’. For newbies or non-Slimming World members a tweak is when a free food is used in the wrong way so that it’s not counted as free anymore. For example, using Smash or couscous as a coating for chicken instead of breadcrumbs. It’s supposed to be a way of protecting your weight loss by making sure you’re not overeating, and that you’re getting maximum nutritional value from free foods. I know there are various people who have successfully lost weight using tweaks, but Slimming World themselves don’t recommend them, so just sharing that! You’re all perfectly capable of making your own judgement on these things lol πŸ˜‰
  5. Just Average Jen – Jen’s blog just has to be featured as the lovely lady herself is just such an amazing inspiration for anyone trying to lose weight. Having started my own journey at a size 30-32, the fact that Jen has managed to slim from a size 30 to a size 8 certainly got my attention! I also just love her honesty about everything, featuring the trials and pitfalls of her journey as well as the clear benefits. Definitely check out the list of articles on her losing weight and exercise page, including some great ones about confidence and body image, as well as her reassurance that following Slimming World doesn’t equal a lifetime of salads!

So there you have it, some wonderful fellow bloggers who will keep you fed (with inspiration and recipes rather than literally of course) and entertained if I disappear for a bit! The usual disclaimer/warning about checking Syn values for yourself still applies with any recipes you come across, but trust me, some of these recipes are well worth the effort πŸ™‚


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  1. MrsShilts says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. So very kind of you.. You’ve made my night xx


    1. Thank you for yours when I needed them! I was really struggling with all the fertility stresses back then and you were so kind and helpful. Now I can’t wait to meet our own little one! πŸ™‚


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